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Opportunity: JVS Chicago Seeks Social Enterprise Partner

A force for social justice, JVS Chicago is a 501C(3) non-profit serving more than 5,000 employees, employers and entrepreneurs annually with programs for adults, youth, and people with disabilities. The Opportunity: Employees with disabilities offer a large untapped talent pool for employers.  While business is challenged with an aging workforce and a shortage of skilled Read More →

Personal Branding for Millennials

Being able to express one’s own personal brand is as important to a job seeker as it is to the marketing gurus behind Apple or Nike’s latest product. Job seekers need to ask themselves, “What sets me apart, differentiates me from the competition, makes me unique?” Thinking that you’re too early in your career to Read More →

Uncover Your Future—a New Way to Find a Career

JVS Chicago’s latest workshop, “Uncover Your Future,” is designed to help people find a career path instead of flailing aimlessly about the job market. “’I’ll do anything’ isn’t a job description,” said Roberta Glick, the JVS Chicago Career Counselor and Strategist who facilitates the new course. “Employers want to hire focused people with a skill Read More →

Disability disclosure: What and when can employers ask an applicant?

What and when can employers ask an applicant? Your business is on board with diversity and inclusion. As an employer you know that creating and sustaining such a workplace is a sound business practice; many of your customers (and prospective customers) want to patronize businesses which employ a diverse workforce. Qualified individuals who have disabilities Read More →

The War on Discouragement: Staying Motivated During a Long Job Search

Illinois has been particularly hard hit with long-term unemployment, with more than 40 percent of job seekers out of work for more than 27 weeks (the third highest in the US behind Washington, DC, and New Jersey). While the current job market has lowered unemployment to 4.2 percent, numbers for the long-term unemployed have barely Read More →

Networking: “Don’t send nobody nobody sent.”

–Chicago Alderman Vito Marzullo, (D-25th) Alderman Marzullo uttered his classic remark for WBBM reporter Bob Crawford’s tape recorder in 1979, but it was a saying in Chicago’s City Hall for many years before that—and corporate hiring managers are still saying it. In fact, networking for hiring purposes (which is what Marzullo was referring to as Read More →

Expanding Your Disability-Inclusive Workforce

By Jonathan Roth, Employer Services Representative If you are interested in growing your disability-inclusive workforce, the JVS Chicago Talent Referral Team are experts in connecting employers to highly qualified jobseekers with disabilities. We don’t walk away from you or your new hire once we’ve made a placement, but continue our relationship to track new hires Read More →

Hiring People with Disabilities: Myths & Misconceptions

By Leah Rudy, Client Services Supervisor, JVS Chicago Many people in business ask and are concerned about hiring someone with a disability to work in their companies. Below I have debunked three of the common myths and misconceptions about jobseekers with disabilities. Cost Employers may feel that it is going to cost them a lot Read More →

Customized Employment

Because some employers worry about possible complications arising from hiring a candidate with a disability, a job seeker with a disability often faces greater challenges in finding work. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate for people with disabilities is almost twice as high as that for those without disabilities. As Read More →

Social Media and Employment—Betting the Brand

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.”                                                                                             –Warren Buffett With the ascendancy of social media in the hiring hierarchy has come the realization that these very public media have their pitfalls and payoffs for jobseekers. The National Labor Relations Board has become involved in regulating them; huge Read More →

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