Getting Hyper about JVS Chicago Candidates


hyper microsystems_edited-1Hyper Microsystems Inc.
1501 N Michael Drive
Wood Dale, IL 60191
Ph: 800.278.5250


Hyper Microsystems Inc. buys, refurbishes and resells a wide variety of consumer electronics and IT equipment to wholesale customers and retail online sites.

According to Sandy Menkhaus, Vice President of Services, the company started using JVS Chicago services after Gene Davidovich contacted it about a grant-based program designed to help new immigrants who aren’t fluent in English find jobs.

“We were able to offer a multilingual environment and job training for people with technical background,” Menkhaus said.  “We were so happy with how this started out that we looked into other opportunities with JVS Chicago and began working with their candidate placement services.”

The operation demands a wide range of positions, Menkhaus said, “from warehouse and order fulfillment to technical.  We always are looking for skilled technicians who have experience diagnosing and repairing TV’s, computers, DVD players and other assortment of consumer electronics products.

Job seekers from JVS Chicago proved to be “more than we hoped for,” said Menkhaus, and included a wide range of technically skilled candidates.

“Several of our first hires are still with the company today,” she said.

Menkhaus was enthusiastic about Hyper Microsystems’ relationship with JVS Chicago.

“We get quality candidates who come in to meet with the various people involved in interviewing,” she said. “They are professional, prompt and prepared, even compared with candidates from professional staffing firms who expect fees for placing candidates.  Working with JVS Chicago means no fees to pay, and we get flexible employees who have relevant experience that they bring to their job every day. We plan to continue asking JVS for candidates for all levels of job openings at our company for years to come.”

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