Hiring People with Disabilities: Myths & Misconceptions

By Leah Rudy, Client Services Supervisor, JVS Chicago

Many people in business ask and are concerned about hiring someone with a disability to work in their companies. Below I have debunked three of the common myths and misconceptions about jobseekers with disabilities.

Employers may feel that it is going to cost them a lot of money to employ people with disabilities, or that they will have to make expensive accommodations for them. Cost and benefit information from the Job Accommodations Network suggests otherwise:

  • More than half of all accommodations cost nothing, and most cost under $600.
  • Tax incentives are available to help employers implement workplace accommodations.
  • Additional funding is available through several organizations.
  • Most employers report financial benefits from providing accommodations due to reduced costs in terms of insurance, training new employees and increased worker      productivity.

Visit JAN’s website for more information.

If you hire someone with a disability, will the insurance cost increase? Will you need more liability insurance? The answer to both questions is “no.” It does not cost the company any more to insure someone with a disability versus someone without.

A reason some companies are reluctant to hire a person who is hard of hearing is that employers are afraid that communication with deaf or hard-of-hearing employees will be difficult, if not impossible. In fact, there is convenient communication with them through written communication or video phone—learning to sign is not required.

Leah can answer your questions if you need more information about hiring employees with a disability. Contact her at LeahRudy@jvschicago.org or 847.412.4321

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