Life Insurance or IRA Beneficiary

Hispanic Student And Family Celebrating GraduationYou can leave a legacy by making JVS Chicago the beneficiary of a life insurance policy or an IRA.


  • If the current beneficiary of your life insurance policy will not need the funds, consider naming JVS Chicago as beneficiary and letting those dollars help those who are in need.
  • For younger donors, buying a life insurance policy at an age when premiums are very low can be a very affordable way to make a significant gift.
  • Naming JVS Chicago as the beneficiary of an IRA is a win-win because you can leave a meaningful gift to those in need and your family avoids paying double taxes on the IRA dollars.


We welcome the opportunity to speak with you and your attorney or financial adviser about thes and other ways you can continue to support JVS Chicago beyond your lifetime. For more information or to schedule a conversation, please contact Janice Kaufman, Director of JVS Institutional Advancement, 312.673.3436 or click here to send Janice an email.

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