JVS Overview

We believe in the importance of work­—for it provides identity and self-esteem as well as income.

We work to transform lives, providing career coaching guidance, job training and crucial support to more than 8,000 people annually. Our purpose is to help those who want to help themselves acquire or deepen the skills needed to find their next job. Through mutually rewarding partnerships with a network of area employers, we match job opportunities to the abilities and skills of our clients.

We touch the lives of thousands of people in the Chicago area every year, placing them in employment or training programs, offering career counseling, coaching and job placement assistance. We improve the literacy and education levels of at-risk youth, while providing them with work experience or help with employment; and we assist entrepreneurs at all levels to start up or grow a business.

We welcome executives, managers and professionals; career changers and people with disabilities; entrepreneurs and those returning to the workforce; young people who are just starting out or who are at-risk and struggling to find their way; and older workers seeking employment to secure a dignified lifestyle.

In this challenging economy, we dedicate ourselves to empowering people to keep moving forward, to achieve their dreams and to strengthen our community.

To achieve your career goals, please contact us. We are JVS and we are here for you.

Join others who counted on JVS in 2012:

  • 1,169 clients were placed into employment
  • 1,053 persons with disabilities entered employment and training programs
  • 3,219 individuals received career counseling, coaching and job placement assistance
  • 301 low-income seniors improved their job skills
  • 312 at-risk youth improved their literacy and education levels, were placed in employment or got work experience
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